Gain Real-World Experience in Tourism and Hospitality

Are you looking for opportunities to be immersed in one of the fastest growing industries today? Resort Intern Connection is here to help you. We connect the best and brightest students with the most forward-thinking companies in the field of hospitality and tourism.

At Resort Intern Connection, we aim to provide students with the chance to work with leading business institutions in the industry so they can expand their knowledge and enhance their skills in hospitality and tourism. This experience also opens doors to more employment opportunities for them after their graduation.

Our Mission

We strive to create a rewarding internship program for both students and employers in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Our Story

We have always aimed to help college students who are studying hospitality, recreation, tourism, and business find a credited internship in their field of study. To achieve this, we established Resort Intern Connection in 1998.

Our Hallmark

At Resort Intern Connection, we value the relationships that we build with our students and our partner companies. We strive to keep these connections strong, all for the benefit of both of the parties we work with. Since our inception, we have given more than 2,500 students in Hilton Head Island, SC; Charleston, SC; and Savannah, GA the opportunity to gain rewarding internship experiences in reputable tourism and hospitality institutions.

Stories From Our Students


“During my internship program during the summer of 2018 I enjoyed every single bit of it. I got to meet a great staff that I will forever be able to call a family. They taught me a lot about work and how things are ran. The interns that I had the pleasure of working with made the summer one to always remember. If you decide to choose Vagabond Cruise for your internship it will be a great decision. You will get a great experience and will learn a lot while you are here.”

Taylor Thompson

Emporia State University


“Resort Intern Connection provided me with the opportunity to intern with Vagabond Cruise this summer and all I can say is it was a summer of a life time. Vagabond cruise allowed me to apply what I am learning in school to real world experiences. Not only are you able to learn more about the industry but you are getting the opportunity to live on Hilton Head Island for a summer. I would recommend this opportunity to any student looking to get more experience in the hospitality industry.”

Jordan Rayburg

University Nevada, Las Vegas


“I had the opportunity to intern with Vagabond this summer of 2018, and it was an amazing experience to add to my resume. I was able to follow alongside the Passenger Service Manager and the Food and Beverage Manager to gain the knowledge and experience needed to fulfil the job opportunities. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to live on Hilton Head Island and work with other interns who soon became close friends. I would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to gain experience in the hospitality field and looks to partake in a fun opportunity over the summer.”

Marissa Sternefeld

University of South Florida